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Upcoming Competitions

CAQI competitions in Queensland have been running since 1994, with hundreds of girls and boys gracing the stage every year.  

In 2018 we celebrated 30 years since the first calisthenics committee was formed in Queensland and the dedication that volunteers and officials have put into our great sport, particulary at competitions. 

CAQI runs state solo/duo/graceful and teams championships every year in Queensland, while overseeing several regional competitions, run by club representatives.  Each competition is governed by rules and guidelines of the Australian Calisthenic Federation (ACF) and Calisthenics Association of QLD Inc. (CAQI).

QLD State Championships are only open to QLD registered clubs, however, interstate competitors/clubs may apply to regional competition organisers for entry into those competitions.

Tickets to State Titles 2022 and Scheduling here:





Comp rules

Competition Rules & Guidelines

ACF Competition Rules Qld Flexible rules – November 2022.docx

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