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Calisthenics is one of the fastest growing artistic sports – unique to Australia.

The word calisthenics comes from the Greek words ‘kallos’ for beauty and ‘thenos’ for strength. Indeed, the components of the sport aim at achieving those physical attributes, but the sport also influences the emotional and social development of girls and boys through friendship and teamwork. Calisthenics, as we know it today, involves a team of pupils learning routines choreographed to music – each of about three to four minutes duration – and presenting those routines at competitions. Pupils learn approximately six routines concurrently throughout a year and this is where the diversity of the sport is seen. There are different levels of Calisthenics; some clubs have non-competitive classes, performing only at their annual concert. Other teams compete during the year at a number of competitions, performing on stage in costumes. Queensland also has a State Representative Team that competes at the Australian National Championships.

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Queensland Teams Heading to Nationals

Posted on June 28th, 2016

Congratulations and Good Luck to our teams and soloists heading to Nationals in Adelaide next week, we are so very proud of you all.  Thank you to the coaches and support people who have worked tirelessly to get these girls to where they are.

Coach: Megan Hussain
Assistant Coach: Sue Meredith
Cadet: Fiona Addison
Mentors: Amanda Gaudie and Natalie Bond

Team members
Zali Allison
Abbie Dalton
Emma Finn
Caitlin Gates
Piper Hertslet
Chelsea Humphreys
Annabelle Jarrett
Lauren Meredith
Becky Reid
Lucy Samin
Lily Somerville
Jazi Windeyer



Coach: Lorinda Webster-Brooking
Assistant Coach: Mel Rowntree
Mentor: Tracey Emes

Team members
Georgia Broadhead
Nicky Coghlan
Hayley Dowse
Sophie Furber
Alicia Guterres
Jess Harrop
Kamara Henricks
Amanda Kennedy
Erin Lynch
Atalia-Anseline Manton
Jen Phillips
Cassandra Quirk
Chantel Le-Roux
Mel Rowntree
Kate Smyth
Georgia Topp



To our wonderful support teams, headed by Heidi Dowse our Qld Team Manager, thank you for all you have done, Queensland are very grateful for your hard work:

State Team Manager: Heidi Dowse
Inter Team Coordinator: Lynelle Hertslet
Senior Team Coordinator: Sherelle Henricks

Costume Coordinators: Sonya … Read More »

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Qld State Solo Championship Results 2016

Posted on May 31st, 2016

Congratulations to all our participants who performed at our 2016 State Solo Championships, results are below

Subbie Duo
1st Tilda Priest & Hana Le Compte Buderim Nicky Coghlan
2nd Grace Pont & Chloe Hall F/Coast Anna Kunst…
3rd Jade Cherry & Sophie Dalton F/Coast Erin Lynch
HM Isabelle Wilcox & Tru Lamont S/Stars Tracey Thompson

Junior Duo
1st Becky Reid & Jazi Windeyer Buderim Bec Coghlan
2nd Layne Baldock & Bella Windeyer Buderim Elise Hutton
3rd Madi Laherty & Danika Guest Buderim Nicky Coghlan

Inter Duo
1st Zali Allison & Chelsea Humphreys Suncoast Dionne Benson
2nd Lily Somerville & Lauren Meredith Suncoast Dionne Benson
3rd Sophie Lazzaro & Jade Backhouse Southern Stars Sue Mooney

Senior Duo
1st Maddy Smith & Laura Spencer Helensvale Jess Reilly
2nd Erin Lynch & Sophie Furber F/Coast Erin Lynch
3rd Kamara Henricks & Georgia Topp River City Lorinda Webster Brooking
HM Sasha Thompson & Kate Smyth S/Stars & F/Coast Dionne Benson

Subbie Solo
Eq 1st … Read More »

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